We are PT corporation.

We discover values of life and make required products in diverse areas of our daily lives according to those values. We strive to seek better values for daily life of our customers by launching daily necessities for unexpected daily life through innovative ideas.

Our Brand.


Printec is a daily stationery brand that converts newly discovered ideas to value of life. Printec develops and introduces new products for our customer by improving inconvenient moments in everyday life with better ideas.


Tokebi is a small appliance brand created with our heart of not only providing valuable life for customers with health, happiness and convenience but putting the priority on safety and health for family.


Living in a complex world every moment, we want to make it ‘simple.’ We hope your own place where you can relax comfortably at the end of the day becomes simple. Enjoy and experience simplicity of DANSOON.


bigkid, which was created by the combination of illustration pattern design and optimal material,

It is a K-fashion stationery brand that adds joy to your daily life with a variety of products and stories.


Company name: PT Corporation | CEO: Won Gu Kang

Business registration number: 113-87-00933 | Online marketing business registration number: No. 2016-Dalseo, Daegu-0064 

Address: 2F, #335, Seongseo-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea / 806, Byucksan Digital Valley 6, 219, Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Privacy policy | Personal Information Protection Officer : Jeong Yeonil(service@ptcorp.co.kr)