Will be with you.

You, challenging worth and new things.

We give great support to your courage without hesitating to always challenge something new with full of passion. We are considerate you and always wait for you who is filled with passion along with trustful values of our company. 

Work Environment.

출산휴가, 휴직, 탄력근무

장기근속 휴가 및 보상

자사 브랜드 최대 50% 할인

자유로운 연차/반차 사용

중식/석식 지원

팀별 회식비 지원

교육 및 도서비 지원

사내 동호회 활동 지원

매년 건강 검진 진행

경조 휴가 및 경조사비 지급

정품인증 PC 및 프로그램 지원


Maternity leave, leave of absence, flexible work 
Long-service vacation and awards 
Up to 50% off of own brands 
Flexible annual leave / afternoon off 
Support for lunch / dinner 
Support for get-togethers for each division 
Support for education and books 
Support for company clubs 
Support for annual medical check-up 
Offer of cash gifts and leave for congratulations and condolences 
Support for PC and programs authentically certified 
Hold a workshop 

Join PT Corporation.

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Company name: PT Corporation | CEO: Won Gu Kang

Business registration number: 113-87-00933 | Online marketing business registration number: No. 2016-Dalseo, Daegu-0064 

Address: 2F, #335, Seongseo-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Republic of Korea / 806, Byucksan Digital Valley 6, 219, Gasan Digital 1-ro, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 

Privacy policy | Personal Information Protection Officer : Jeong Yeonil(service@ptcorp.co.kr)